Welcome to the official website of Rob Burnley

Music Producer, Composer and Pianist based in Manchester UK.

Rob has worked as audio engineer and producer for a diverse range of artists and ensemble groups, producing a rich variety of musical styles.

In addition to producing his own performances from the classical piano repertoire, he has recorded and produced tracks, EPs and albums for Singer Songwriters, Jazz Ensembles, Soul Funk Groups, Acapella Choirs, String Quartets and Symphony Orchestras.

Rob is equally at home in any genre and after producing Classical, Acoustic Techno, Grime and Heavy Metal Piano Transcriptions, he welcomes opportunities to work with passionate musicians whatever their style.

After producing tracks for an artist that incorporated Beat-Boxing, Jaw-Harp and Didgeridoo in a Techno style, it ignited an interest to capture more diverse instruments. This has led on to recording the Pipa and rarer woodwind instruments including the Ocarina.

Rob is also a prolific music composer and has an eclectic catalogue of works spanning many genres and styles. Recent work examples can be found on the Production and Composition pages, or for a comprehensive portfolio head over to Soundcloud or YouTube.

If you would like to work together or have a project you would like to discuss you can call 0800 118 2840 or send an email to music@RobBurnley.com