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Rob Burnley is a classically trained pianist, composer and sound designer based in Manchester UK.

After graduating with a First-class honours degree in Music Production, he is focussed on composition and sound design for the film industry and computer games industry.

Rob is driven, highly motivated and organised, is comfortable working with minimal direction structuring his own workload, or is happy working closely with the director, producer or within audio teams to create bespoke sound and music for any film or game genre.

Following a conversation with the director, producer or audio director of the project he can produce high quality mock-ups for scene testing under short deadlines - then create specialised notation for musicians and run recording sessions, ensuring a smooth transition from soundtrack concept to live recordings.

With a degree in production and a vast experience recording in studios and on location, Rob can proficiently run ADR, Foley and SFX recording sessions and will deliver professional audio with a range of different mixes for your project.

Rob is comfortable with any musical genre and welcomes the opportunity to work with passionate individuals whatever their background. He can build character driven scores following an emotional arc that will compliment a narrative and enjoys the challenge of meeting a Director’s imagination.

If you would like to work together, have a project we could collaborate on, would like some music related advice or would like help writing in the third person – drop me an email.

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Rob Burnley Composition


What I can bring to your project

Character driven scores following an emotional arc that will compliment a narrative and underscore the emotional context of your project.

Recent Work

Inspiration & Planning

Here, at the initial phase of development we discuss your ideas and aesthetic vision for the project. We understand your inspirations and plans, can formulate strategies and deadlines and decide what your project needs.

Context of The Music

To gain understanding of the character arcs, emotional context and how this relates to the overall plot. Create sound cues that emphasize these subtleties for the audience and underscore the emotional context.


The musical themes are carefully considered relative to genre, geographic locations and historical accuracy. Researching genres and similar examples are undertaken and a draft of the integral musical components are written.

Drafting & Editing

Reviewing the work is an essential step to producing the best work possible and feedback at this point is welcomed so that it can bring valuable perspective from others. Audio files or music added to game play footage or film cues are made available for the production team.

Crafting & Recording

Rob can source musicians, a suitable venue and manage the recording sessions, delivering fully realised stems to be mixed and mastered. Rob also has industry standard acoustic and electronic instrumental libraries to produce commercial virtual orchestrations.

The End Product

Bringing your project to life and adding emotional depth that accentuates the narrative. Music is provided in the requisite format with additional versions if necessary. The stems are available if requested and the final mix is delivered in either Stereo, 5.1 or VR as needed.
Rob Burnley Sound Designer

Sound Design

What I can bring to your project

Interactive audio design, is about creating great sound that also reinforces game mechanics, fits seamlessly into the other sound systems and is almost invisible to the player.

Recent Work

Audio Design

Sound systems can be shaped by material from the design document, developing motifs or ideas inspired from the plot and setting.

Asset Creation

Creating audio assets based on the general audio plan requires creating unique sound effects that complement the aesthetics of the game, while helping the game stand out and become a more memorable experience.

Audio Implementation

Whether your project uses Unreal Engine, Unity or a bespoke game engine, implementing the audio into the game and trouble-shooting the suitability, pitch or volume of the sound systems at work is crucial.

Trailers & Cinematics

Cut scenes, events and Level Sequences are also a large part of game audio. Working on video teasers and game trailers to create a cinematic feel to announcements is all part of the role.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and mastering is the final step of the project. Balancing all the sound systems, SFX and music to give that polished professional feel is where everything comes together.

And More...

Creating sound and music for games is exciting and each project is unique. Audio synthesis, Foley work and voice acting direction can all come together to create a unique game world.


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